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Are the frustrations and pressures of running a business holding you back from what you love? Do you want to experience what it feels like to simply practice dentistry again?

We take care of the stress of running a business so you can focus on dentistry

Rediscover the Joy of Dentistry

We're dentists just like you
We help you rediscover the joy of practicing dentistry
We partner with successful dental practices
We uphold a private practice experience for your patients
We promise you the freedom to enjoy life again

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Who We Are 

Having worked in private dental practices for over 10 years, I’ve noticed a gap in the industry. As more of my colleagues near retirement, their options for passing their practice to the next generation of dentists aren’t ideal.


You could sell to a large dental service organization, but they seldom maintain the private practice experience that your patients have come to know and love. And with recent graduates dealing with debt from dental school, they’re not in a place to purchase an established practice like yours. A few years ago I created an alternative option.


Kirkpatrick Dental Management is much more than just another dental management company. We’re a team of dental professionals, just like you. Our entire team has honed our business and management skills through careers in the dental industry. 

We want to partner with you because you’re doing the right things. You have a successful practice, happy patients, a motivated team, and good standing in your community. We don’t want to change any of that. 


Partnering with Kirkpatrick Dental Management is joining a family of like-minded dentists. We look forward to discussing our future with you.



Jason Kirkpatrick, DDS
Founder & CEO of Kirkpatrick Dental Management

What We Do


Do you remember what it felt like when you first started practicing dentistry? We want you to experience that excitement again.

Owning a dental practice comes with a list of responsibilities that have nothing to do with your patients’ oral health. When you partner with Kirkpatrick Dental Management, you’re partnering with someone who understands the business of dentistry. Kirkpatrick Dental Management manages:

With these stressful, time-consuming duties out of the way, you have the freedom to focus on your patients. Experience a work-life balance that includes more time with your family and the things that you love doing.

Where We Are


practice dentistry stress-free

Join Our Team

Are you looking to join a team of people who are passionate about dentistry and the patient experience? Do you want to focus on growing your skills as a dentist instead of the business aspects of running a practice?


Join the Kirkpatrick Dental Management family! We’re always searching for associates who are passionate about practicing dentistry to join our network of private practices in the southeast.

Are frustrations and headaches holding you back from enjoying dentistry?

Do you find yourself spending your evenings and weekends doing payroll, balancing the books, and enduring all of the headaches of running the business side of your dental practice? Are you frustrated with the responsibilities that come with a successful dental practice?

These aren’t bad problems to have. In fact, they’re signs that your practice is thriving and your patients love you. If you love practicing dentistry and want to focus on your patients, at your practice, with your staff, and spend less late nights taking care of the business side of practicing dentistry, schedule a conversation with us today!

Are you ready to rediscover the joy of dentistry?